Family Pictures - Descendants of Frank Austin Ireton

These are pictures I borrowed from my Dad or my Uncle Frank. Some of the pictures were labeled, but others we had to guess on some of the details. All names are listed from left to right.  

~1902 Putman, OK

Lillie Foust Ireton with 4 dots, Earl Foust (Lillie�s brother) with 3 dots, Gladys Foust (Lillie�s sister) with X, Anna Foust (Lillie�s cousin) with 1 dot, Louis Foust (Lillie�s cousin) with 2 dots

1904 Putman, OK

Back: Rolla, Austin, Jim, Eda & Frank Ireton, Front: Elmer, Elic, and Henry Ireton

Putman, OK

Storm dugout of Jim Foust. Back: Nancie Foust, J.W. Foust (brother of Jim Foust), Alice Foust, Jim Foust, Ollie Foust, Front: LuAlice Foust

1906 Oklahoma

Christmas at Frank Browns. Back: John Stevens, Austin Ireton, Jim Ireton, Elmer Ireton, Rolla Ireton, Front: Elic Ireton, Lela Brown, Eda Brown, Carl Ireton, Edna Forbes, Henry Ireton

~1906 Putnam, OK

Top (left to right): Jim, Rolla, Frank Ireton their father, Uncle John Burr and wife Mattie (Frank�s sister), Winn, to his side is Corie and in front of him is his wife Virie with Walter sitting on her lap, other girls are Annie and Jessie.Bottom: Elic, Elmer, Henry, and Carl Ireton on his mother�s lap Eda Ireton. Young girl is Faye Burr, in chair is Grandmother Eunice Ireton, Frank�s mother. Taken at Frank Ireton�s homestead 1 South 1 1/2 West Putnam, OK (note says house is 12�x30� plus shed room)


Back: Eda Forbes Ireton, with sisters and brothers; Jenny, Carrie, Front: Borian (Brian?), Oscar, and Henry "Hank" Forbes

~1906 Putman, OK

Unknown girl, Eda and Frank Ireton, and sons (bell in background is still in the family)

1907 Oklahoma

Charlie Brown�s homestead dugout: Charlie (Eda Ireton�s brother), Arther, and Eda and unidentified child. Appear to be cutting watermelon

~1907 Oklahoma

Rolla (left) and Jim Ireton on horses

1910 Putman, OK

Rolla Chester "R.C." Ireton and Lillie Foust

Sept. 1910 Hobert, OK

Picking cotton. Austin A. Ireton, Affil Ireton (wife of Austin), and Rolla Ireton

1910 Putman, OK

Rolla Chester Ireton and Lillie Foust (on right) with friends (left).


Back: Austin Ireton (son of Frank A.), Eda Forbes Ireton (wife of Frank A.), Front: Kate Forbes (Eda�s mother), Ralph (Austin�s son), John Forbes (Eda�s father)


Marriage Certificate for Rolla and Lillie Ireton. Recorded on May 10, 1911 in Dewey County, OK.

Frank A.�s threshing equipment

Frank A.�s threshing equipment, coal wagon in foreground

1915 Roswell, NM

Ted Foust (Lillie Foust Ireton�s brother) and Elva (Lillie�s daughter)

1913 Cedarvale, NM

Frank A.�s business card for lumber

1913 Cedarville, NM

Frank A. Ireton�s sawmill crew. Sons; Austin and brothers

Cedarville, NM

Near Frank Austin Ireton�s sawmill

1917 Oklahoma

Ted Foust (Lillie�s brother), Rolla Ireton, Alma (daughter), Elva (daughter), Lillie Ireton


Frank A.�s threshing crew

1919 Denver?

Elmer Ireton on right, who served on the USS San Diego during WWI

Eda and Frank Austin Ireton


Frank A., Eda, and son Carl

~1922 Putman, OK

Alma, Lillie Ireton, Jim Foust, Jimmie Grimes (Lillie�s cousin), Elva Ireton, unknown girl, small child is Frank Ireton (Lillie�s son)

~1923 Roaring Springs, TX

Merion Frank Ireton

Jim & Elmer Ireton (Frank A.�s sons)

Jim Ireton leading horse and hay wagon


Merion Frank Ireton and Grandpa Frank A. Ireton

~1925 Texas

Elva Ireton and unidentified cousin

10-20-1927 Ropesville, TX

Family reunion. Murtle & Jim Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.), Charles and Fannie Ireton (husband & wife, oldest brother of Frank A.), Hattie Ireton (Charles Ireton�s daughter), Frank A. & Eda Ireton (husband & wife), Lillie & Rolla C. Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.), Below: Alama, Elva & Frank (Rolla�s children), Win & Viry (husband & wife, brother of Frank A.), Ed Ireton (Win�s son), Elic & Pearl Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.)

1928 Texas

Austin, Jim, & Carl Ireton

1928 Texas

Carl Ireton and Elva Ireton (Rolla�s daughter)

1930 "Ropes" (Ropesville), Texas

Brothers. Frank A., Win, Charles Ireton (R.C.�s truck in background)

1930 Custer City, OK

Rosie Ireton (Austin's daughter)

Custer City, OK

Austin�s Well Drilling business card

Custer City, OK

Reverse side of Austin�s Well Drilling business card

6-4-31 Ropesville, TX

Frank Austin Ireton� funeral. Jim, Elmer, Elic, Henry, Carl, Front: Austin, Eda (Frank A.�s wife), Rolla Ireton

1931? Ropesville?, TX

Rolla, Jim, Elmer? and Elic?

1931 Ropesville, TX

Back: Viry & Win Ireton (Frank A.�s oldest brother), Jim Ireton (holding child) Eda Ireton, Lillie & Rolla (white shirt) Ireton, Below: Elva, Alma, Frank Ireton

1932 Muleshoe, TX

Charles Edward Ireton

~1938 Muleshoe, TX

Charles and Betty Jo Ireton

~1937 Muleshoe, TX

Betty Jo Ireton, Bill Gregory, and Charles Ireton

~1939 Muleshoe, TX

Charles, Frank, and Betty Jo Ireton

~1940 Muleshoe, TX

Charles Edward Ireton

Anniversary: John and Alice(?) Foust


Merion Frank Ireton, USMC WW II

Rolla Ireton on left

~1945 Redwood City, CA?

Jewell Shelton and R.C.

2-6-46 Clinton, OK

Austin and Elphia Ireton

~1946 Nampa, ID

Back: Eda Ireton, Lillie and Rolla Ireton, Esther Foust, Elva (Ireton) Gregory Front: David Gregory, Betty Jo Ireton, Robert Gregory

~1946 Nampa, ID

Eda Ireton and Ted Foust

~1950 Arizona

Carl Vernon Ireton, served as a recruiting officer after WWII

1961 Meridian, ID

Rolla and Lillie Ireton�s 50th Anniversary. James Gregory, Elva (Ireton) Gregory, Danny Gregory, Jay Gundy, Dot Gundy, Lillie Ireton, Rolla Ireton, Larene & Frank Ireton with son Michael. Front: Robert Gregory, Thane & Louise Gundy, (unknown Gundy daughter), Heidi Gregory (daughter of Bill Gregory), Charles Ireton with son Carl

6-64 Wendell, ID

Lillie Ireton, Charles Ireton with daughter Jane Elizabeth

1945 Houston, TX

Henry Ireton�s wife (Lorina?), Rolla and Lillie Ireton, Frank Jr. and mother Larene Ireton, Eda Ireton

~1958 Meridian, ID

Rolla Chester "R.C." Ireton

~1960 Melba, ID

Robert, Danny, & David Gregory

1961 Meridian, ID

Lillie Ireton, Mike Gregory (son of Bill), Rolla Ireton, Elva (Ireton) Gregory, James William "Bill" Gregory, and daughter Heidi

1961 Nampa, ID

50th Anniversary: unknown (Austin?), Larene, R.C., Lillie, James Gregory, Elva (Ireton) Gregory, M. Frank, Charles, JoAnne

1974 Nampa, ID

James & Elva Gregory, Frank & Mary Ireton, Charles & JoAnne Ireton, and Don and Betty Wright, Front: Rolla & Lillie Ireton

1974 Houston, TX

Newspaper clipping of Henry (H.F.) Ireton and huge lemon, with typical humorous Ireton handwritten comment

4-19-76 Jerome, ID

65th Anniversary. Rolla and Lillie Ireton

Lillie Ireton and grandson David Gregory


Alma Ireton


Alma Ireton - rememberance

1919 Guanah, TX

Rolla and Lillie Ireton

~1937 Texas

Betty Ireton, Bill Gregory, and Charles Ireton

Elva Gregory with son David, and Larene Ireton with son Frank Jr.

~1940 Texas

Charles Ireton, Jo Rene Shelton, and Betty Ireton

Henry Ireton

1912 Putnam, OK

Little Elva (Ireton) 2 mo. and 5 days old from Lillie and Rollie. Addressed to �Grandpa and Grandma Ireton Cedarvale New Mexico�.

1964 Wendell, ID

JoAnne Ireton with daughter Jane, Lillie, Kent, and Rolla

~1938 Charles and Betty

Sept. 1943 Foust relatives.

Lillie, Rolla, and Chris Shelton & son

1946 Day before we left for Boise

James and Elva Gregory, Merion F. and Larene Ireton, Joe Shelton and wife

Nampa, ID

50th Anniversary, JoAnne, Rolla, Lillie, Elva, and Larene

Texas before WWII

JoRean(sp?) Shelton in front of R.C.�s drilling truck

~1934 Rolla, Charles, and Merion Frank

1936 Muleshoe, TX

Merion Frank, Lillie, Rolla & Charles, Eda and Betty, Elva

1941 Philippines

Carl Vernon Ireton (center)

1933 Texas

Steve Shelton and Charles Ireton

1932 New Mexico

M. Frank and Charles Ireton

~1943 Redwood City, CA

James Gregory and son David

1963 Melba? ID

Danny Gregory, R.C. Ireton, David, Robert, and Elva Gregory

~1935 Texas?

Mrs. Gregory, �Billy�, Eda Ireton, Betty Jo, R.C., and Lillie Ireton

April 15, 1936 Elva and James Gregory

~1910 Oklahoma

R.C. Ireton

1954 Meridian, ID

Betty Jo Ireton

Dec. 1928

Carl Vernon Ireton

~1935 Texas

Lillie, M. Frank, and R.C. Ireton

Eda Ireton

Charles Edward Ireton

Charles Edward Ireton


Charles Edward Ireton

~1954 Meridian, ID

Lillie, sailor Charles, and R.C. Ireton

~1945 Redwood City, CA

Elva Gregory, M. Frank, Charles, Betty, Lillie, and R.C. Ireton before leaving for Idaho

Feb. 11, 1949


~1935 James and Elva Gregory

WWII Pacific Islands

M. Frank (right) and marine buddy

~1928 Texas

Elva Ireton Gregory


Frank Austin, Carl Vernon, and Rolla Chester Ireton filling milk bottles. R.C.�s first car on left.

~1949 Meridian, ID

Charles and Betty Ireton

~1949 Meridian, ID

Charles Edward Ireton

~1950 Meridian, ID

Lillie and R.C. Ireton

David and Dannie Gregory

1964 Clinton, OK

Carl, Lillie, Rolla, and Austin

Easter 1962

Dannie, Elva, James, Rolla, Lillie, and David

~1980 Jerome, ID

Lillie Ireton

~1961 Meridian, ID

Lillie and Rolla


R.C.�s California driver�s license

1943 Clovis, NM

R.C.�s Clovis Air Field pass

1957 Boise, ID

Chuck & Jo Anne's wedding

Uncle Ross & Aunt Effie

(from description on photo)

1944 Redwood City, CA?

Charles, Lillie, Rolla, and Betty

1967 Boise, ID

Back: Kent, Jo Anne (holding Mark), Chuck

Front: Jane & Carl Edward